Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year People…With all the love in me!

Hurray, it’s 2014!
Congrats everyone for making it into this great new year.

This 2014, let’s try our best to show love to everyone around us, most especially the needy. Give without expecting anything in return even when it’s least expected.
Serve God with all your heart and cast all your burdens upon Him for he is faithful enough to give you rest.

A bird at hand is better than ten in the bush therefore, anything you have to do, do with all your heart. No matter how meagre the salary you earn is, do your job dilligently and it’ll pave way for a better-paying job.

As a boss or employer, treat your staff or subordinates like they matter. No matter how little it may seem, they are still part of your success story.

Yes you may have prayed for some breakthrough last year without receiving answers….. be rest assured that there is a miracle waiting for you around the corner, all you need do is; BELIEVE!
I pray that come this day in 2015, our testimonies shall abound!

Thanks for sparing time to read my thoughts on issues as often as you could in 2013…Let’s do it again this year *winks*

With all the love I can gather in me……. Have a surprisingly great 2014.

 *kisses* *hugs*
Bukola Oyetunji

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