Tuesday, 13 May 2014

True life story: He raped me then threw me out like trash.....

“Stop it! Stop it! Pleassseeee, you’re really hurting me!” I cried and begged but he refused to listen. He kept tearing at my clothes so as to have full access to me. I started weeping because what I thought was a joke had become a disaster. “Please let me goooooo” I pleaded again amidst tears but it was like the devil had taken over his reasoning. Within a twinkle of an eye, he had become someone I never knew. I fought so hard but sadly, I wasn't strong enough to resist him. Finally, he tore the remaining undergarments I had on and had me against my will! The emotional pain was more than the tearing pain I had deep down my body. How could Kingsley do this to me? How could he treat me like trash?

After having his way with me, he left me in my shame and went to take a shower. I laid down there weeping, covering my body with the bed sheet…. I couldn’t stop weeping. This was not supposed to happen to me, I didn’t deserve such treatment from Kingsley. This shouldn’t have come from him at all!

While I was still wallowing in my thoughts and shame, he came out of the bathroom, picked up my torn clothes, threw them at me and at the top of his voice, told me to get the hell out of his room or he’d have me over and over again! I immediately sprang up, wore the shreds left of my clothing and scurried out of the disaster called Kingsley’s room.

Don’t know how I got back home, but I eventually did. Went straight under the shower to wash away the agony of the pains I just went through.  Afterwards, I lay on my bed to think of how I got into this situation.
Kingsley was my childhood friend; we grew up on the same street. Our parents met at the landlords’ meeting every month. They were not really friends but Kingsley and I were. We went to the same secondary school, took JAMB forms and filled the same choice of Universities on it….. We were both innocent children that found happiness in the company of each other.

 As fate would have it, Kingsley got admitted into the University a year before I did. Eventually, we both went to different institutions and rarely saw each other except during festive seasons and holidays.

During a long ASUU strike that took place; I got to see Kingsley more. This was when I noticed how much Kingsley had changed. He was no longer the pleasant friend I knew. His language became too vulgar for my liking and I noticed he already had a chain of girlfriends. True, I had boys who were interested in me but I wasn’t prepared for a relationship… didn’t want to be distracted from my studies. I tried to talk to him about how much he should concentrate on his studies but he paid no attention to my words. This was a bit painful because I realized I had lost the friend I knew throughout my childhood. After this, we rarely had time together anymore because I couldn’t put up with his lifestyle; I had to create a distance between us. We continued this way till the strike was called off and we both went back to our individual schools.

Not quite long after school resumed, I met David. He was one of the Master’s degree students in school, he was pursuing his MBA. David told me how much he would like to have a relationship with me, I was at first reluctant but because of how hard he persisted, I gave in. We began a relationship and I became very fond of him.

Few months into the relationship, he made sexual advances but I told him I was a virgin and wouldn’t like to do that until I was totally ready for it. He understood my stand without any push. This melted my heart towards him more till I eventually fell head over heels in love with him.

The day I graduated from school was one of the best days of my life. David had already finished his masters too and with this, had been able to secure a job in a very well established conglomerate. Throughout our over 2 year old relationship, David never pushed me too hard. We kissed and caressed each other but never had sex. He agreed we should hold on till the wedding night…. I was very okay with the arrangement.

David proposed to me recently and both our families agreed on a date for the wedding ceremony. He became a regular visitor in my house because my parents loved seeing him. During one of his visits, he met Kingsley who just concluded his Youth Service and was job-hunting. The way Kingsley acted when they met was really funny to me. He acted quite jealous like someone whose girlfriend was cheating on with another man. I just laughed his attitude off and excused David. David, who wasn’t ignorant of what just happened, asked me what it was all about. I assured him it was nothing so he let it go.

To my surprise, one fateful  morning, Kingsley sent one of his siblings to me. He said he had some problems and would like to discuss with me (like we did during our childhood days). I was a bit reluctant at first but after giving it much thought, decided to go see him.

I got to Kingsley’s house (he had moved to his own apartment a street from my parent’s house) and he ushered me in. He looked very sad; this gave me some concerns so I asked him what was eating him up. To my surprise, he told me I was the problem. I was lost until he became very violent. He started throwing things everywhere and kept on shouting that I was a very mean girl. He accused me of using and dumping him. That after he waited all these years patiently for me to finish school and then finally get a chance to ask me out, that I broke his heart by falling for another man. I didn’t know where this was coming from because he never asked me out. We were just very platonic childhood friends (or so I thought). Kingsley became someone I had never known. I was dumbfounded. Before ‘Jack Robinson’ he bolted his door and dragged me into his room. At first I thought it was a joke so I shouted at him to leave me alone. He slapped me, carried me, threw me on the bed and the rest is story.

Now, as I lay on my bed I wonder how a person I knew to be so pleasant and innocent right from the beginning of my life, treat me this way. Kingsley was a very good friend to me; he even tutored me on mathematics back then. How then could he have done this to me? Did I give him any sign that I was interested in him? But he never asked me out! Never even said anything close to that! Why didn’t he stop when he realized I was a virgin? He took my innocence away and afterwards was not even remorseful at all. I’m crying my heart out right now because I do not know what step to take next. I cannot face the shame of a rape story circulating round my area now that a date has been fixed for my wedding. …. I just can’t! That is totally out of it! What do I do now? If I tell David about this, how would he feel? Does he trust me enough to know I went to Kingsley’s house innocently? What if he thinks I’ve been having a secret affair with Kingsley coupled with the way Kingsley reacted to him when they both met? What do I do now? If I tell my parents, this would cause a serious issue between them and Kingsley’s parents on the street. The problems that would arise if I tell them about this would be too much for me………. I’m at a crossroad now….. oh God, help me.

If I keep quiet without telling anyone, what would happen on our wedding night if David eventually finds out I am no longer as innocent as I claim. If he finds out I’ve been taken by another man, won’t that be the end of his love for me… It may even signal the end of our marriage. What do I do now? Kingsley has ruined me; he has taken away my happiness and innocence. He would surely not go scot free for doing this to me. Nemesis will definitely catch up with him. But first, I need to know what step to take next now…. I cannot afford to lose David yet I do not want to be tagged as the girl that was raped by Kingsley few months to her wedding. I’m totally confused here….. Oh God, please help me!


Anonymous said...

OMG! This is a very sad story. The best thing yu can do is cal yur fiance now n tell him evrytn tht hapnd 4rom A-Z.
God wl punish kingsley fr doing tht 2 u

Bode said...

Tell David everything that happened. If he loves u very well he we marry u like that

Anonymous said...

What a sad story. I would advise you tell David likewise ur parent. Kingsley must be purnished for what he did to u. If David cherish you, he would continue with the wedding. God will interven.

Anonymous said...

U av learnt ur lessons in a very hard way, since u av noticed d drastic change in behaviour about dis Kingsley and his reaction towards David, aw on earth did u now go 2his apartment alone??? U av to inform ur Mom first and seek her opinion den inform David, I really feel 4u, God will see u tru

Grace said...

Hmn.. Its so sad but den der is a way out, dat is d TRUTH! D bible says d truth shall set u free.. So tell David d truth and den leave d rest to God! Cos he can handle anything.. Trust him! And if David shuld call-off d weddin? Dat means a better Man is coming! Don't go into d Marriage hidin anythin cos it will HUNT U!u ar Blessed! God Lovs U

Chibogu said...

For u to have kept yur innocence dat long and then lose it in such a horrible way... Oh my God, I feel so sad! Open up to David and knw dat God will tak absolute control of wateva happens afterwards. Best of luck dear