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Friday, 16 May 2014

Relationship Tip Of The Day: The perfect guy is not the one who has the most money.....

Have you ever met a  woman who doesn't want a rich life with a handsome man to spend it with? I personally haven't come across one oh! It is the fantasy of every woman right from her girly years to meet a tall, dark, rich and handsome man who would sweep her off her feet.

However, these qualities do not make a man the perfect option for you. A perfect man (irrespective of his looks or how fat his bank account is) is someone who effortlessly makes you smile. He is the one who sees you as the woman to spend the rest of his life with. He would take care of you everyday and everytime; even when you are not with him.

I once watched a matchmaking show where a mature single lady who was seriously on the look out for a guy to call her own, had an endless list of the qualities she wanted in a can you imagine? Lists like that are unrealistic!

Do away with every list you have, wake up from your fantasies and redefine your perfect man to be a man who is selflessly in love with you. A man who would do everything -with the little or much he has- to ensure you are comfortable and happy.

 Most importantly, ladies step down from your pedestial and be less materialistic! The perfect man for you is around the corner *wink*

Wish you luck with your relationships.....

Bukola Oyetunji


Anonymous said...

Hmmnnnn, preach it Bukola. These ladies need to wake up from their stupid fantasies. Nice tip!

Anonymous said...

Some girls can overate demslvs. Shld hv bn married now but she was just too demanding for my liking. These girls shld knw money isn't everytin o!

Anonymous said...

well said Bukola but this also goes out to male folk who believe a woman shoul be financially stable before being considered as a wife material. if u ask me the rate of being materialstic is higher in d men... iv tried serveral matchmake attempts but to my dissapointment,what i hear which has become a slogan is "what is she bringing to d table?"....gone are d days where love was primary...remember d saying " A man somewhere,made her d bitch she has become" Ladies tell me ,after loving someone dat dumps you for d highest bidder would your priorities remain same? d answer is NO!

Bukola Oyetunji said...

Dear Anon, I understand where you are coming from quite clearly. Men do not want ladies who are not financially independent because they see them as 'liabilities'.....It's a 2-way thing. That is what relationships have turned out to be these days. Even in marriage, men and women do not want to stay married to a partner that cannot contribute to the financial upkeep of the family.... My opinion? Money is important in every relationship/marriage but should not be used as a factor which determines who to walk down the aisle or stay married to. Thanks for taking your time to read the post. Your contribution is duly appreciated!