Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dencia tells how good she feels for not having sex for 2 years now

Beautiful singer and businesswoman recently had an interview with Encomium magazine and she explains how much of her energy she’s saving by abstaining from sex for two years now.
Read excerpts below:

“Sex is overrated and sex is for lovers who are trying to make babies. I am not trying to do so, it is not in my agenda. Not having sex for two years feels good. I am saving energy and mileage. I have better things to waste energy on. I want to wait till after marriage because I am not in a rush. Marriage is a commitment. I just don’t see myself falling inlove, having sex and being both heart broken. I have never been heartbroken. I can’t take a heartbreak..and men these days expect anything from them. To avoid heartbreak, if I meet any serious man we will meet the families, no sex for over six months, so in the process they might find out they don’t like me so I can quit easily.”

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