Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Iyanya Reveals How Poor He Was Before His Song "Kukere"

Iyanya, one of the leading song artistes in Nigeria has revealed how Kukere made him rich. He opened up in a recent interview that he became wealthy after shooting the Kukere video which was a succes because of a price he paid....had to move around town in cabs just to keep up appearances.

Read his words below:

Let me tell you something, God has blessed me with a range rover of 2010 and I have also driven 2013 and 2014 cars, it’s a blessing to me but I am not a car freak. I still have a prado jeep that was given to me recently. i still have a fond memory of that my Rav 4 and I still wish it were right there in my garage so that I can be seeing it every day. Let me not lie, there was a time I wanted to shoot a video and I had no money. It was kukere. I used cabs all round town just to make sure kukere video was out there. So I was using cabs every day and people were surprised to see me in them since I used to drive a Rav 4. It was just to ensure that people keep seeing me on TV and not to forget me"

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