Thursday, 29 May 2014

BOB READERS: How can I get my wife to abort this pregnancy?

From a male BOB Reader:

Hello BOB readers,
I am a 42 year old man married to a 43 year old woman. We have 4 children together, the last one is 12 years old. Now my wife is pregnant again with our 5th child.

I have been begging her to abort the child now because doctor had advised us 12 years ago not to have another child again because of my wife's health. This pregnancy is a mistake, I don't even know how it happened because she had been on birth control for the last 11 years.

She's claiming she's a born again Christian so she cannot sin against God. I'm also a Christian but I love my wife and I do not want to loose her now.

I spoke with her and pleaded with her to see things from my point of view. The only thing she's concerned about is the shame of people seeing her pregnant again but because of how stubborn she is, she has made up her mind to face the shame head on.

What do I do now? She's already in her 3rd month now. I don't want to loose this woman!
Please readers, I need your advice......


Stella said...

If she doesn't want to abort the pregnancy, leave her. God will take care of her and the baby

Anonymous said...

Let your wife do wat her mind tells her to do

Ben said...

43 is already a dangerous age for her to hv a child coupled wt her health situation. She's yur wife so yu shld knw hw to convince her nt 2 hv the child. Wish yu luck

modupe said...

Since d doctor said it is nt advisable for her to hv a child at her age,den I tink dis woman shld pls listen to her doctor nd husband so she can live long to take care of the Children she already has. She shld also tink of wht becomes of d 4 kids if she dies. it is not a sin aborting d pregnancy cos its a threat to her life.