Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dear BOB Readers: Caught my wife cheating on me...... yet she is not remorseful!

From a male BOB Reader:

Dear BO, I've been trying to write to you for a while now but couldn't get to it. Things have deteriorated to the point that I need someone to talk to by all means hence my mail.

Just found out my wife of 10years is cheating on me with a guy her age-mate. I am 7 years older than my wife but take care of her with everything in my capacity.
I recently noticed she started receiving long calls, started going out more with her friends and even went to the gym regularly without me forcing her to (like I used to before). She seldom stay at home weekends, always going to one occasion or the other. I used to believe all her lies before but now I know she had been having sexual escapades.

After catching her red-handed with the guy, she confessed to me that she is in love and blamed me for neglecting her and not caring for her enough.

The most annoying thing is I have never denied her of anything she asks for and the guy does not even have a job which means she has been collecting money from me to give the man. This is really painful.
Now, she's not remorseful at all and even asked me if I still want her in my life or want her to leave..
I am very confused as to what to do because I love my wife and still think we can make things work between us.

Please advise me on what to do....


modupe said...

You need to check yourself sincerely probably you've actually been neglecting her but, even at dat it doesn't justify her sliping around.anyways since you still love her you can talk tins forgives, bears nd endure all tins

Sarah said...

Hmm. I totally agree with Modupe. Show her more attention and love. That what the other guy offers her. Do that and you will be a happy man.

Ambeer Khan said...

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