Thursday, 18 February 2016

Here's Love Odyssey Couple's Retreat in Brief + Pictures

Bukola Oyetunji
Last Saturday, 13th of February, 2016 was an eventful day for me, our couples and Live2Love Network as a whole. Our Couple's retreat which had been announced and advertised all over social media eventually took place at Atican Beach Resort, Abraham Adesanya, Ajah, Lagos.
I've brought to you dear readers, brief details of the dinner plus photos. Enjoy...........

Most of the couples began to arrive 1.00pm and it was really fun because they were lodged on the beach resort. Each couple had enough time to each other and were able to go to the beach to have a lot of fun. As the name LOVE ODYSSEY implies; It was indeed an adventure and opportunity to reignite the love and intimacy in marriages.

The red carpet started at about 7:30pm with couples taking photographs and all. Dinner proper started for 8:30 pm, anchored by MC Oluwadtest. The programme started with an opening prayer by the MC himself.

Welcome address/Why we are here, was given by the hostess; Mrs. Bukola Oyetunji. She specially welcomed all participating couples, appreciating them for their presence at the retreat.

One of the highlights of the event was the Question Game Segment where questions were given to the spouses to answer separately about their marriage and persons. It made it obvious how well couples knew each other and how important it also was for them to spend more time together.

The major highlight of this couples retreat however was the talk given by Moscow trained sex educator; Wunmi Omololu. She gave a frank talk about how to ensure sex is not a reason for marital conflicts and how to resolve conflicts that have to do with sex in marriage. It was indeed an eye-opening session. Wunmi Omololu also touched the area of Languages of Love and how well partners must be willing to speak and understand these languages. She did justice to her topics and was likewise forthcoming in the question and answer segment. The segment lasted for about an hour.
Cutting of the cake came up next to round off the dinner amidst music and dance.

It was really a fun-filled night with each couple going back home with beautiful gift bags.

We therefore say big thanks to all the couples that participated at the retreat, you all made it a success.
Big thanks to Wunmi Omololu for bringing a lot of experience, expertise and honesty into her talk.... She made our day.
MC Oluwadtest was indeed a very good anchor as he made the event as classy as possible, big thanks to him too.
Members of the advisory board of Live2Love Network, you are all well appreciated, God bless you all.
Members of staff of Live2Love Network and Norajoe, thank you for being a wonderful part of the family, you all contributed to the success of the event.
We hold in high esteem each and every individual that supported this retreat financially and otherwise. Thank you for always being there, the success of this event has a lot to do with you.

Lastly and most importantly, special thanks to Almighty God who laid the foundation of Love Odyssey for us. He made this retreat possible because without Him, we can do nothing. We therefore return all the glory back to Him alone.

If you missed this retreat, you missed a lot but not to worry, there's more to come. *wink*

some of the participants

MC Oluwadtest

Bukola Oyetunji with sisters

Mr. Joseph Oyetunji

Guest Speaker - Wunmi Omololu

Bukola Oyetunji and Husband

Bukola Oyetunji with Toyin and Mide Songz

Guest Speaker - Wunmi Omololu

Question Game

Bukola Oyetunji with Mr. & Mrs. Olusoji Aina

Guest Speaker doing her thing

Question and answer segment

Mrs. Abosede Ologbosere asking a question

Arrival of Mr. & Mrs. Adebayo Philips

Dancing time

It's Buffet.... yaaay!!

Love reignited!

Lovely Couple

Guest Artiste - Wyze, with wife

Bukola Oyetunji giving vote of thanks

Bukola Oyetunji and hubby; Joseph

Love reignited!

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