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Monday, 4 November 2013

BOB’s Entrepreneur of the Week: Managing Director of Aladdin Events and Busters Speaks!

This week’s entrepreneur (pictured above), is a man who prides himself in making children happy. His love for kids is evident in the way he handles parties and fun events for them. He was brought to you readers as the ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK because he is very good at what he does and is an entrepreneur worthy of emulation.Please read the excerpts of the interview below:

BOB: Your background- Birth, Education, Parental impact, Work experience?
My name is Yemi Bakare. I was born 12th of May 1980. A graduate of Geology. My parents have been very supportive.
I’ve worked with lots of companies like MILAN, INDOMIE, CFAO, BA RECORDS, GOLDMYNE TV ETC

BOB: What inspired you to start your Business/Organization?
My inspiration came from dancing.

 BOB: How did you come about the name Aladdin Events?
My cartoon looks and funny gestures.

BOB: Your organization has been running for how many years now?
7 years and still counting.

BOB: What are the major things your organization is into?

BOB: What is the most cherished memory of your life?
Anytime I’m having fun with the kids

BOB: Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?
Having my own events place “ALADDIN EVENTS CENTER”

BOB: Where do you want Aladdin Events to be 2 years from now?
To be the first event expert in the country

BOB: So far what can you say has been the height of your career as the Managing Director of Aladdin Events?
I dont refer to myself as the MD but “SERVANT LEADER”.. Being a team player as been the key and it has brought the company this far.

BOB: What are your plans in making your organization well known in Africa and beyond?
By building an events center that will accommodate all sorts of event equipments.
BOB: What do you love doing in your spare time?
Surfing the internet on how to become a better event expert and learning more from the pioneers.

BOB: Since you started this business, have you had any regret(s)?
Never have i had any regret because i love what i do and consider it always as fun.

BOB: Any advice for young and upcoming entrepreneurs?
BOB: How can readers get your contact and any other helpful detail?
Tweet: @aladdinevents
FB Page: Aladdin Events
Skype: justaladdin
Buzz: 07026412929,
Whatsapp: 08095511083
BB: 2B2300AE

BOB: Are you doing any promo/sales presently?

BOB: Any other thing you want the readers to know about you and your products?
We give no frills, just results.

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