Friday, 14 March 2014

Dear BOB Readers: Help….My Wife Wants Me Dead!!!

From a BOB Reader:
“Hello BOB Readers,
I married my wife 10 years ago in United States of America and I loved her very much. One thing led to the other and we came back to Nigeria 4 years ago. Fortunately for me, on our return, I got a job in one of the multinationals in Lagos. We began to live a very good life even better than when we were in US. I had a company car, a driver, a very conducive accomodation, and was able to travel outside the country anytime I wanted -along with my family.

My problem however started 2 years ago. A very attractive, sexy and polished lady was employed as my new PA… She became a distraction for me and I could not help but fall into her web of attractions. I saw more of her and because she was well trained on attending to all my needs even without me saying them, I fell in love with her!
To cut the long story short, she got pregnant for me and in order to cover this up, I had to make her resign. I got a well-equipped accommodation for her and in January this year, she gave birth to an angelic baby girl.
Last week, to my utter dismay, my wife confronted me about the issue. She knows I have a child outside our marriage and has every other information about the relationship… Don’t know where she got it from!
Now, she has threatened to either kill me or the child and her mother. I know my wife does not get angry easily but when she eventually does, she says what she means and she can do the unthinkable.
She is now a stranger to me and I sleep with one eye closed.
Please Readers, what do you think I should do? Someone advised me to kill my wife before she kills me but I can’t afford to. I love her still.
I know I messed up but please advise me on what to do."


Anonymous said...

Men are fond of messing up when they get too comfortable. Imagine you sleeping with ur PA till u got her pregnant. If I was ur wife too i'll treat ur fuck up like 'kilode'.

Now u're running about looking for advice. May ur soul rest in peace in advance...mssshhheeeewwww

saheed said...

I feel very sorry 4 u. Ask ur wife to forgv u bcos u really wronged her. That is only wen God in heaven can forgv u. Don't think of killing ur wife pls, dats not a solution at all.

Wish u luck

Anonymous said...

You are an animal. No advice will stop nemesis from catching up wt u

modupe said...

U messed up big time jor mr olojokokoro!!!wen some pple ba ri oju wo ma ma wa aroju kiri.anyway D deed has already bin done.u need to get matured pple dat ur wife respect so dey cld apologise on ur behalf.also getn an accomodatin for ur PA unto what ?dat means u r taking her has ur wife abi wetin dat one mean?