Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pastor Tunde Bakare reportedly rejects cow from the presidency!


Pastor Tunde Bakare who is popularly known as a firm, no-nonsense and blunt pastor received a cow and some gifts from the president for the festive season….
Here is what the pastor said about the cow he was given by President Goodluck Jonathan.

“I had a cow from the presidency. I didn’t ask for it. They dropped it at the Save Nigerian Group (SNG) office. But is it cow that we need? If you check their books, one cow was bought for $5000g. The rest of the money is pocketed. We don’t need cow, we need a country that will move forward. They prevailed on not to return it. Thanks for the cow, but no thanks! That means no cow for me next year. (Laughs).
But we will have good roads, schools etc! We are the cause of our problem. We feel big. Mr President sent me hampers etc. We go to them for contracts etc. Until we change ourselves, we cannot expect change from those who lead us.”

Pastor Tunde Bakare can never disappoint me…lol
El Rufai who i guess Pastor Bakare shared the news with, also took to twitter to share his views..

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