Thursday, 12 December 2013

PHOTO: Yemi Sax’s got a beautiful family!

Yemi Adeosun, Talented saxophonist, who is popularly known as Yemi Sax has every reason to be thankful.
He has been enjoying a blossoming career. This year, God blessed him with a beautiful wife and a lovely son as well.
He shared the beautiful picture above a while ago and also narrates the delivery process of his baby boy…..
‘I was there live, throughout. It was a great experience really. I think it is good for men to be around when their wives are in labour. It helps relieve the pain. With what I saw, I had to keep assuring her everything was going to be well. When you are in pain, and you see your loved ones beside you, it eases the pain and tension. It really worked for me.With the kind of news I have heard about child birth, God just took control of everything. You need to see her, you wouldn’t know that she gave birth about two months ago. It is just the favour of God…we call him Ademide Gold Adeosun.”
Congrats to him…

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