Saturday, 11 January 2014

My mother-in-law to be hates me, what should I do?

I got a mail from a lady yesterday asking for advice on what to do about her relationship. Read her words below:

I met my fiance 4years ago and ever since we've been dating.
Last year February we did our engagement ceremony and the date for wedding was fixed for 25th of January of this year.

The problem I'm facing now is that my mother in law has refused to plan anything about the wedding with me since last year. The most painful thing is that my fiance's younger sister(who is my friend) told me yesterday that their mum told them she wouldn't be around for the wedding ceremony because she can't stand watching me tie down her son legally.

I love my fiance very much but don't understand why I have to face so much hate from his mother. I've tried everything I can to make her love me but it's not working.
This issue is really scaring me as I have no mother and really need her to be there for me.

Right now I don't know if I should accept my fate and go ahead with the wedding or do you know any way I can win her heart? My fiance is already fed up of the issue.

I really need your advise.



modupe said...

Y nt talk to God abut can win ur mother inlaw heart on your knee.u also nid to be patient with her nd luv her like ur own,I knw tins will take a new turn.

Anonymous said...

Some MIL can be very mean. Try to search yourself to see if you didn't hurt or disrespect her at the beginning of your relationship. God will help u

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and marry d guy, if she won't come she shldnt. As long as ur man loves u, to hell wt any ovahyped mama in law abeg

Anonymous said...

My advice for yu is 2 take it 2 God in prayer. You can't waste 4 yrs of yur life. God wil touch her heart for u. Gudluck dear

Anonymous said...

I hope ur husband to be loves & believes in u? That when issues arise in future he won't just take is mothers side blindly? Is his mum born again? How well can to pray ur way out of issues? Cos issues will surely come. Hope he has the fear of God & no how to table matters that has to do with u to his family members? If u can answer this few question right am sure it will work