Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Woman Beater……… A pathetic excuse for a man!

I’ve had it in mind to write an article about men who find it very easy to raise their hands on women, but one thing or the other had stopped me. I finally made up my mind this time around that I was gonna put it down no matter what. So here it is……
Men are naturally egocentric and demanding in nature (sorry guys), they like it when their woman is totally submissive by doing whatever they want her to do (good/bad). Women on the other hand love subtle approach to issues. They love to be persuaded into doing things. They’re two different creations. Don’t know why, but as always, God knew what he was doing when he created man and woman differently.

During God’s work of creation, he created man and from the man’s RIB created the woman! Women were created from men. That is why to get woMAN, you need MAN, in other words, there’s a MAN in every woMAN. Why then do men treat women like they are nothing? That woman is a part of you!!!

A woman beater can be anyone from anywhere and in any position. You may even be disappointed in some highly respected and influential men when you get to know what they put their wives/partners through.

No reason whatsoever is good enough for a man to raise his hands on a woman. For Christ sakes, none at all! Men go around giving flimsy excuses why their women deserve to be beaten. For example, you can hear them say:

“She came home late from work”, “She didn’t take care of the children well enough”, “She doesn’t respect me as she should”, “She didn’t wait up for me”, “She cheated on me with another man”, “She abused my mom” bla bla bla….. The list is endless.

A man who is man enough, who doesn’t suffer from inferiority complex and who has the fear of God in him will not beat his woman. How can you feel comfortable beating a woman who takes care of you, organizes your things, bears you children (in some cases) and feeds you with meals (delicious or not, na you sabi) and at the same time expect things to run smoothly for you? #rolling my eyes#

A man who beats his wife is seriously a pathetic excuse for a man!!! In any gathering where men are asked to stand up, please do me a favour, tell such men to sit tight on their butts. They are not worth being called a man. A woman beater is a goat in sheep’s clothing.

I remember when I wasn’t married, I knew a man who beat his wife at the slightest provocation. Oh, how I couldn’t stand the man! I saw him as an inadequate, insecure and immature man who wasn’t fit being called a husband or father. It gave me a certain feeling about marriage and you all can’t imagine how firmly I made up my mind that no matter how much I love the one who eventually gets my hand in marriage, I wouldn’t take having him raise his hands up to strike me. Thank God for His mercies in my marriage so far…. I pray God continues to lead us right.

So many men out there shift the blame on their wife/fiancée/girlfriend or whatever as to why they beat them at will but the truth is – men, the blame is on you!

You beat your woman at will because things are not going the way you planned and you are frustrated…. Abeg, go siddon, that woman also has a lot of things troubling her mind but she’s not bringing it out on you.

Or because you lobbied for a contract and you failed to get it awarded to you, you think she has to suffer the consequences by turning her to your punching bag? See me see wahala o, na she be the GM/MD of the company?

So many unemployed men out there are not considerate at all. The wife gets beaten anytime she voices out her emotions or needs because they conclude she’s controlling. They are scared of losing their position as the head of the family though she is presently acting as the bread-winner… you are supposed to appreciate that woman every day because she’s helping you out and not competing with you!

If you had a rough day at your place of work that’s not the woman’s fault, she may have gone through a worse situation than you did, even if she is a full house wife. Also, because she’s a full house wife and does not contribute financially to the upkeep of the family, does not mean she should be the one you throw your punches of frustrations at! Beating her at the slightest provocation makes you an UNWORTHY AND PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A MAN!

 Men are fond of giving excuses they think are reasonable enough as why they beat their women… My dear, no reason is just enough for you to raise your hands on that woman. The bible and all other religious books you can lay your hands on, seriously frown at it, morally it’s bad and I’m sure our God in heaven is also not happy about it.

One secret every man should know is that; taking care of their woman perfectly opens the door of blessings for them. As long as you are not maltreating her and she’s happy with you, everything will work out well for you. I’ve seen this happen in various relationships and it can work for you too. If you are taking good care of your wife, she only needs to utter a word of prayer concerning you and every difficulty you are going through will be sorted out miraculously. It’s not magic; it’s just the secret of life… Try it!

Ladies, before I end this article, you know I’ll always tell you the fact. Do everything you can to ensure you make that man happy too. Of course men can be difficult but help him out whichever way you can. He may be coming from a background where women are seen as punching bags, it’s not really his fault, it’s what he grew up to know. Understand this and help him out by being the best woman you can be. Most importantly, be submissive in every way you can…. You won’t be hurting his ego. *wink*

There are some ladies out there who love it when a man beats them, if you’re one of them, what kind of a woman are you? *smh* If he doesn’t slap or punch you, you won’t even enjoy sex with him…. My dear, you need to get yourself checked (msccheeewwww). You are one of the reasons those men think all women are like you. CHANGE YOUR WAYS #straightface#

Back to the men jare; I want you to know that loving a woman includes taking absolute care of her, respecting her, pampering her and NEVER RAISING YOUR HANDS AT HER!!! So many women out there have died as a result of frequent beatings from their man… BEATING KILLS A WOMAN GRADUALLY!

You stop being a pathetic excuse for a man the day you stop beating your wife, fiancée, girlfriend, sister, mother, aunt and all the women around you…… God help all the men out there!

Bukola Oyetunji

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Anonymous said...

ladies too should behave demselves. some women are witches and will not rest until their husbands beat them tire. I'm a lady too o *running away*