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BOB EXCLUSIVE: 20 Ways to know if she’s the one for you

Right from your early days, you’ve dreamt of having a special woman share your life with you, make you happy and bear your children. As time went on, you discovered having this woman is somewhat a difficult feat to achieve. You’ve been in several relationships but none had been able to measure up to what you want.

But suddenly you meet this beautiful gift from heaven and you wonder where she could have been hiding all these while.
Here are some guidelines to help you decide if she’s truly the one for you.

1. She can’t stop telling her friends about you: Women are fond of telling their friends all about a guy they really like. He just sorts of crop into every conversation. Sometimes, it’s about the gift he gave them, how much time they spend together, how fun it was having lunch with him etc. When a woman really digs a man, he’s all she talks about.

2. When you think about the future, she’s the one you see sharing it with you: If you can close your eyes and dream of her sharing your house with you in old age, then you are with the right person for you. If when you think of yourself as a retiree, and she’s the one you see beside you spending some time with your grandchildren, then you are with the one for you.

3. You tell her everything about you without keeping secrets: Unlike most women, men are very good at keeping secrets. If you have a past relationship or issue you are hiding from the woman you are dating, then it’s either you do not feel she’s worthy of knowing everything about you, or you just feel she’s not good enough to handle your past. If you are in a relationship that’s really worth it, you should be confident enough to tell that woman everything about you knowing that the love you both share is stronger than any secret.

4. When you wake up she’s the first thought that comes to your mind: The saying that “Where your treasure is there lays your heart” is actually very true. If she’s really the one for you, you go to bed thinking about her, and wake up with her thought on your mind. You sleep wishing she was there with you, sharing your home with you and when you wake up, you wish she was the first person to wish you a pleasant morning. If this is the way you feel, then she may actually be the one for you.

5. She volunteers to prepare a meal for you without you asking or begging for it: If you’re the type who likes eating out, going to classy restaurants and all, then she should be able to volunteer to prepare a tasty home-cooked meal for you. You do not have to cajole her into doing this. If she is really the right person, she would definitely suggest making a fresh and not oven-warmed food for you.

6. Her parents and everyone around her loves you: Dating a woman is one thing but getting her parents and family members on your side is an entirely special thing. If when with her parents, you are relaxed and not looking at the time with the hope of running off, then you are with the one for you. Note that your parents should also love her very much. This is very important!

7. She tells you everything/anything important to her before anyone else: I usually tell this to every single man I talk to; when your woman tells others what is happening to her before telling you, hmmmmmnnn, you need to check it. Any woman who is madly in love with a man would make him her confidant and best friend. If your woman tells you anything happening to her (good or bad)
before telling anyone else, then you are a very lucky man and you need to reciprocate by doing same.

8. When you are ill she’s totally glued to your side: Men can be babies especially when they are ill, this is why they need a very caring woman who can stay with them and take good care of them. If you are lucky enough to have a woman that loves you enough to give you all the attention you need when ill, I’m happy for you. A woman, who is really meant for you, won’t be able to leave your side except she wants to go get you your drugs or something to eat.

9. You can do anything to make her happy and can’t bear to see her cry: When a man loves a woman, he won’t be able to watch her cry. He’ll always long for her infectious smile at all times. If you can do anything to take away your woman’s sadness and replace it with joy, then you are in the right relationship.

10. She shares your beliefs and views about issues: Men love women who are intelligent and not opinionated. They melt for a woman who tries to know where they are coming from and accepts and respects them for who they are. If your woman is of the same school of thought with you, shares your beliefs and views about life, she may be the one for you.

11. She listens to you and does everything with your interest at heart: Sometimes women can be difficult especially when they are still young. They feel they still have a long time to catch some fun before settling down. If you are lucky to get a woman who listens to you and does everything with your interest at heart, big congrats to you!

12. You can’t wait to put a ring on her finger: Having that woman all to yourself would be foremost in your heart if she’s the one for you. She wouldn’t have to push you or coerce you into getting married to her. She also doesn’t need to get pregnant before you get to put a ring on her finger. You’d want to get married to her like she’s the best you can ever get.

13. You both have significant things in common: When you are with your woman, you don’t seem to run out of things to talk about. The conversation flows naturally. You’re both laughing and tapping each other even if the things you say are not even as funny as the level at which you are both laughing. If this is the situation between you and your girlfriend/fiancé, then she might just be the one.

14. You trust her: You’ve probably had previous relationships in which your girl disappointed you by running off with another man. This has clouded your thoughts for a while until you met the woman presently in your life. Now you seem to be comfortable enough to leave her with your friends, your boss and every other man you know without thinking of her betraying you. You trust her very much and can sleep with both eyes closed when it comes to her. You are in a very good relationship because trust goes a long way in ensuring you have a blissful marriage.

15. You forget all about your ex(es): In all your past relationships, your first love had always been on your mind. Infact, you’ve always compared every other girl you dated with her. Surprisingly, since you met this woman, you’ve shelved every thought of your first/best girlfriend because she is everything the other lady never was. If she is the one for you, she’ll make you forget every other woman you’ve ever dated.

16. You have chemistry between you both: Having a chemical balance between you and the woman in your life is a very important thing. When you are with her, you’re supposed to feel like having your hands running through her hair and all over her body (though you should be able to control yourself *wink*). If the chemistry between you both is oozing so much that everyone close to you can actually feel it, then, lucky you, she may actually be the one!

17. She’s the first person you call when you are troubled: Before you met the one for you, you ran to your mum or friends whenever you had any issue giving you sleepless nights but since you met her, she has become the first person you call when you have difficulties making important decisions about work, business, family or life generally. If this is how you feel about her, then you have the one made for you already.

18. It’s her shoulder you lean on when you’re weak emotionally and psychologically: You know she’s the one for you if when you’re emotionally down and need a shoulder to cry on, she’s the one you run to. When you need advice on important issues or you’re psychologically troubled she’s the one you call, then she may actually be the one you walk down the aisle with.

19. She’s got most of the qualities you want in a woman: I intentionally wrote ‘most’ and not ‘all’ because it’s always a bit difficult to get a woman who has all the qualities you’ve dreamed of in a woman. If you are fortunate enough to get a woman who has most of the qualities you look out for, stick to her!

20. You’re so proud of her; you can’t stop showing her off: If she’s the one you take to end-of-the-year parties in your office, happy hours, dinners etc. and can’t stop introducing her to everyone, good for you. This shows you’re proud of her and are comfortable being seen with her. Taking her to the altar would equally be a step you’d be proud of!

If 10 out of the points listed above are present in ur relationship, you have a good thing going for you. You need to put in more efforts though before proposing to her.
In the case where you are lucky to say yes to not less than 15 points listed here, what are you waiting for? You’ve gotten the one for you. Go on your knees and propose to that lovely woman and don’t ever let her go. *winks*

Wish you all the best in your relationships.

Bukola Oyetunji


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