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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

BOB Reader: I’m getting married in a month’s time but still enjoy having sex with my boss

I got a mail this morning from a woman who needs help in deciding what to do with the situation she is presently in. Pls read below and drop your advise:

Dear Bukola Oyetunji,
I am a very confused woman who needs advise from you and your readers asap.
I met my boss a year after working in this firm because he was overseas when I was employed. Immediately he saw me he called me into his office, told me how much he likes me and one thing led to the other. We started sleeping with each other at least twice in a week, except in cases where he is not in the country.
I have a man I really love and we have been dating for about three years now, he proposed to me in November, I agreed and we are set to get married by the end of March.
The problem is that when I told my boss about my engagement, he wasn’t bothered and didnot even try to stop sleeping with me, to him, nothing changed. I love having sex with him very much too even though he is in his early 50s, he’s really good and he satisfies me very much. He also showers me with very lovely gifts.
I feel so ashamed of myself because the way things are, my boss isnt ready to let go of me and I don’t know if I can cope with this after marriage. What if my fiance eventually gets to know? What if I get pregnant for my boss? I’ve been having sex with him for about a year now and it seems the man is not ready to let me go at all.
Bukola and all BOB readers, please what do I do? I’m really confused… I need your help


Anonymous said...

you are a serious fool. advise koo advise nii. In Oshiomole's voice 'Go and die'

Anonymous said...

I wonder why some women are so loose like this. mixing business with pleasure. t's obvious ur boss doent like u if not he wld have at least said sometin when u told him u wr getting married. u beta advise urslf

Anonymous said...

all these girls sef una no go ill person

Anonymous said...

this woman needs to get her head checked. she's enjoying sleeping with a 50yr old man