Monday, 24 February 2014

Useful tips on how to find your dream man/woman as fast as possible!


I can’t believe it!
She’s gonna be mine?
Can’t believe she said YES!!!
So I’m gonna walk down the aisle soon?
I love her more than life itself
Did I just say that?
This is more than I expected
I feel so awesome
Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her
Oh my God!…………………. Is this for real???

 Every matured single is entitled to eventually feel this way. That right person will come your way and everything will be like a dream to you. You’ll fall in love as fast as possible; you wouldn’t even know what hit you. But before this can happen, you need to stop being fed up of the situation you are in. You have to accept it and know that things will turn out well for you.

Here are some tips that can make you find that right person as fast as possible.
• Don’t lose hope: This is very important. You need to rekindle your fire of hope. Know for sure that that right person that will complete you for the rest of your life is around the corner. Live with this hope and things will turn around for you.

• Don’t give up on love: Of course you’re fed up of being single because all your mates are married presently, as a result of this, deep within you’ve given up on love. Sweetheart, you need to know that eventually you’ll find that perfect person to love and he/she will love you back. Don’t ever give up on love….. You need it to be fulfilled in life!

• Be positive: Work more on being positive at all times. I’ve come across ladies who believe every man they meet is out to sleep with them. Yes there are men like that but there are also those who need you permanently in their lives. Try to build a positive attitude for yourself. Let that man or woman see the positive part of you. Be positive about everything and everyone around you….. It goes a long way in ensuring you are happy. That man or woman does not want to settle down with someone filled with negativity. Learn to see things from the brighter side.

• Know that you are not alone; there are people like you everywhere. It’s not like you are the only single person around so see yourself as one of several other people in a situation similar to yours. This will make you feel better about what you are passing through.

• Change your environment: If you really can, change where you live. You might just be lucky to meet someone who sees you in a new way, not people who have witnessed your break-ups and all. Someone from your new environment might appreciate you enough to want to settle down with you.

• Change jobs: This might be difficult to do especially if you have a job that pays well. If you can
get another job that equally pays well (if not better), move and meet new colleagues. Your partner might just be there.

• Stop comparing your life with others: The mistake many singles make is comparing their life with siblings, childhood friends or colleagues. That they got married earlier than you does not mean you won’t meet your own husband or wife. Your time will definitely come so you need to cheer up. Comparing yourself with them will only make you unhappy.

• Do some travelling: You need some “me time”. Travel out of your domain. If possible travel alone. This also gives you a better opportunity to meet a nice man or woman you can have a relationship with. If you cannot travel, try to meet new people at every opportunity you get. They might just know that particular person who needs someone with your personality to settle down with.

• Accept every social event you are invited to but don’t go to it in the hope of getting hooked up. Go and have some fun, unwind and accept the possibility of meeting few new people along the way. If you get a number use it for God’s sake. Some guys usually like to wait a week or so before calling up the girls after collecting their numbers. Girls don’t like this. Call her the day after and arrange a date with her. You’ll be thankful you did.

• Don’t make it obvious that you are desperate to be in a relationship, it’s a turn-off. Some people as a result of this feel you have settled for them just because you don’t want to be alone. Such desperation is always obvious no matter what, trust me!

• Stop looking, stop panicking, just have fun and people will find you attractive. I can assure you that a relationship will go from there. If you are sitting there with a sign around your neck saying; “I want a partner”, you’re going to be ignored. It’s sad but true.

• Don’t look at your future and all you see is Spinsterhood/Bachelorhood staring at you in the face. You don’t have to see a future of loneliness and pain because a future of joy and laughter shared with your love and beautiful children awaits you.

• Also know that marriage should be done when you feel you are ready for a lifelong commitment. You have to prepare yourself for it psychologically and emotionally. You need to be mature enough before stepping into it; this has nothing to do with age!

• Remove jealousy from your heart: You do not need to be jealous of anyone because your time to get married will come sooner than you think. There’s a saying that; “Stop looking and the right person will come along”. Wait patiently.

Lastly, you need to move closer to God. Everything you want He has in stock for you. It is God’s plan that you leave your parent’s house and start a family of your own, therefore, why not go back to Him in prayers? Let God know how you feel. He has listening ears and He can give you that particular kind of person you want. You also have to let His will be done. That guy or lady you want might not be God’s own plan for you….. That may be why he has not proposed to you… who knows?

If you hand over everything to God, you’ll meet the perfect person for you and you’ll be married to live happily ever after.

Wish you luck with your relationships!

Bukola Oyetunji

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