Monday, 31 March 2014

Dear BOB Readers: I need my hubby to love me but it's not happening.... what do I do?

From a reader:
I've been married to my husband for 10 years now. We have 3 wonderful children together, live in a decent home and on the outside, everything is fine with us.

The problem is my husband stopped making love to me 2 years ago without giving me any reason. He stopped looking at me the way he used to and all. We don't go to social events together anymore, everything just went down the drain for us.

I'm just 33years old (got married young) and still feel very young and vibrant. I need my hubby to love me, make me feel special and beautiful but it's not happening. Right now, there's a guy around my place of work who seriously wants to date me (he knows I'm married with kids), he's promised to give me all the attention/affection I need.

I'm tempted to give in to him because I'm dying from lack of hubby doesn't even care about me anymore!

What should I do? Pls, I need your advice readers.

***Pls don't tell me to pray about it, been doing that for the past 2yrs now and it's not working***

Neglected wife


Anonymous said...

madam, are you sure u didnt push this man away? Why would he just stop loving u without a reason? There's no smoke without fire o!

Anonymous said...

What u are experiencing now is happening to 90% of women out der! They feel neglected and not loved anymore by der husbands. My dear call him and sit him down, talk face 2face, know what d problem is and find solutions. Adultery? Pls don't go near it!

Chibogu said...

Men usually get tired of women faster. Maybe that's why they say variety is the spice of life. Are you sure he's not into any extramarital affair? Or you know him as someone who doesn't like sex back then? If not, you both need to talk this issue out

Mercy said...

Dear Neglected wife, if u push God out of ur rel. thr's no way u can get ur hubby back. That man has left u spiritually & emotionally, d only way u can hv him bak is thru fervent prayers.

Now, if we'll go physical.... are u sure u still tk gud care of urslf like u wr doin wen he 1st met u?

If u hv neglected ur look thr's no way ur hubby won't neglect u. Like Bukola Oyetunji rightly said in one of her articles i read sometime ago, men r movd by wat they see. As long as u're not guilty of this and u knw hw to invite God in2 ur mrrge, ur man wl love u again...


Jossie said...

Am not married, but I av dix little to say. I av a married friend who happens to be a man (pls, dnt quote me wrong). He loves telling abt his home. His wiffy is not always around. From monday morning to friday nights, she is always @ work. On saturdays, she goes to d saloon and choir practice, on sundays, she goes 2 church in d morning and in d evening, she is in d fellowship. No time @ all 4 him. I wish I can tell d wife all dix, but honestly, I just can't. At one time or d other, were u like dix? Someone dat do not av tyme 4 ur husband? He still loves u, all he wants is for u to av his tyme and den u'll c d true meaning of love. Tnx

Anonymous said...

Hey Jossie, don't outrightly put d blame on ds woman. U aint married so u knw notn abt marriage!
If u blv evrytn a man tells u abt his wife, in no tym he'll hv access to ur privates!
I just hv a phobia 4 single girls who think marriage is an easy world. He who wears d shoes knws whr it hurts!

Oluwadamilare Olajide-Adediran said...

Hmmm...word here @the last anonymous. My take on this is,madam,though we need sex in our relationships and marriages but if you are not getting it,i don't think it's the end of the world or you have to engage in extra-marital affair(s) to get it. I think you need to concentrate on your kids and yourself. If your hubby decides to neglect you for a reason best known to him, it's better you give him 80 reasons that would make him regret his action. Dress well,look good and get the complements you deserve elsewhere. One day,he will realize he has lost something dear and precious. Extra marital affair is a no no for me and pls,don't ever get tired of praying,it remains the KEY.