Saturday, 12 April 2014

BOB READERS: My wife is a ritualist.... she has destroyed our family!

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I got this mail few days ago, it is infact a different thing from what I've been reading and a little bit difficult for me to believe, but then, there's nothing new under the sun abi? May God help us all ooooo.
Find the story below:

I'm a Christian man in my early 60s, married for 32 years now to a woman I thought I knew until recently.
I met my wife while working as a young man in a company I joined immediately after school back in those days. I thought she was good enough for marriage so we got married after going out for about 3 years.
Few years after marriage, everything became bad for me. I lost my job, was involved in an accident which destroyed my car and right leg, it was a very bad time for me.

By the time we were married for 8 years we already had our 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. My wife was a good woman until I became jobless and was not able to provide for the family.
She came to me one night and advised me to try to do something about our situation. We were not able to provide well for the children because her job was bringing in little money. Because I knew I was trying my best, I told her we need to wait for God to do the best for us. She was not happy with my response and told me I was not a bold man, that I should be willing to do everything for our family. I told her I was trying my best.

The following year, my wife became a very successful woman, she started dealing in fabrics/textiles and was doing very well. Within 5 years, she had numerous stores scattered in major markets in Lagos. Money was coming in large amounts and believe me, I was happy.

Our children went to good schools and everything was okay with us.

Sadly, 2 years ago our problems started. We lost our first child in a car crash. He was already married with a child. After that, we lost the last child who was a fresh graduate, she was looking for a good job. Last year, the shop my wife got for me where I used to sell matress got burnt by fire. All these things happened and it didn't take my wife too long to get over them, her business was always the most important thing to her.

I went to see my close friend's pastor recently and he told me my problems just started. He told me my wife is a ritualist and that she's spending blood money. That she has vowed to repay her debts to her cult by sacrificing 3 of our children. Two of them are dead now which means they still plan to take one more. I confronted her about it and she told me if I don't want to be buried alive I should stop going to fake pastors who cannot help me.

I am sending you this mail now because our 2nd child is very sick now. She's also married with 3 children and has been hospitalised for about 2 weeks now.
I've been begging this woman to do everything she can so that my daughter will not die. I do not want to lose another child. She has destroyed my family with her ritual money.
Instead of doing anything, she is living a large life with different types of cars, attending parties with her rich friends. She sleeps in her different houses in Lagos and now only comes to sleep at home (the house I built with my own money) only when she feels like.

Please what can I do? I don't want anything to happen to my remaining children. I need your advise urgently.

Aside: Hello everyone, I'm sorry I've not been available for a while.... I'm back now.

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Ahmed said...

We've heard stories like this on several ocassions. We're in Africa where people do voodoo very well. Oga, pray to God to help you ovacom the woman u call ur wife. Also, pls take your daughter to the church for deliverance 4rm yur wife's occu;tic influence b4 it is too late.

If you are a christian like u said in ur story, I shouldnt be telling u this!
I wish u God's help o..