Monday, 26 May 2014

Relationship Tip Of The Day: Distance doesn't ruin a relationship..........

Trust is very important for every relationship. Commuter marriages as well as long-distance relationships especially need partners to trust each other without any doubt in their minds.

Very many distant relationships are shaken by this issue of doubt. This is usually heart-breaking on the part of the out-of-home/travelling spouse, who is most often suspected of engaging in extra-marital affairs.

To enjoy a peaceful long distance relationship with your partner/spouse, learn to erase every form of doubt from your heart. Enjoy every quality time you get to spend with him/her because; "Distance doesn't ruin a relationship. Doubts do"

Wish you luck in your relationships...

Bukola Oyetunji

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Mayokun said...

Long distance relationship is not easy one bit! I had to get a transfer @wrk quickly bcos I didn't want to loose my hussy. When ur spouse starts doubting yur faithfulness hmnnn... Na wahala be dat!