Monday, 26 May 2014

Motivational: How to relate well with everyone around you

Relating well with people has a lot to do with your personal belief, upbringing, personality and mindset.

Some people are born to relate with people flawlessly while some may have problems of getting along with the different types of people they come across day in day out.

Despite that today was a busy day for me at work, I was still fortunate enough to meet a woman who inspired me to write this article. I was about stepping out of the office when this particular woman walked in saying she wanted to make inquiries about some of the services we render. I was already late and would have referred her to another staff but because of her approach, I had to wait behind and attend to her.

She was a soft spoken and very courteous woman who took her time to apologise for coming at the close of work. She further explained how important it was for her to have access to all the information she needed from us so as to be able to carry out a very important project she had at hand. I was captivated by her charm (despite being a fellow woman….lol), therefore had to listen to her speak.

This is an example of the way we need to relate with everyone around us. If you want something or need a favour from someone, be polite enough to state it rightly to them that you need them to do something for you. Do not act like it is mandatory for them.

I’ve come across some people who would need you to do one or two things for them and would still act like it’s mandatory or like they’re paying you for it whereas they are not.

Still in the same vein, in a corporate environment most especially a boss to subordinate relationship, the boss still needs to give the junior staff some respect when sending them on errands or assigning a role to them.

I like it when people ask me to do something (whether I’m being paid for it or not…lol) and still be courteous enough to make it look like they appreciate that I’m available to do it for them. This may be because of the type of upbringing I have or because of my personality but I’ve studied people around me and I’ve come to realise that most people feel same way.

To relate well with people around you also, do not keep grudges. If anyone offends you be open enough to tell them out rightly, in a very mature way. This helps build a lasting relationship.

New relationships cannot be compared to old ones and should not be treated same way. A friendship, relationship, courtship or marriage of 10 years can definitely not be compared to that of 1 or 2 years. We all need to have that at the back of our mind at all times. People in a young/new relationship are still getting to know each other as a result, they should give one another that grace.

Relating well with your siblings or parent-child relationships also has a lot to do with patience and understanding. That you are older than that younger sibling does not mean he or she is also not entitled to his/her own opinion. There should be equal room for expression from everyone both old and young and this will eventually build a good relationship within the siblings.

Parents should also please listen to their kids and attend to every demand or opinion they have. I remember my child going to school in the morning. As he was about descending the stairs he looked back and told me with a very serious look on his face; “Mummy don’t be late”. I smiled and told him of course I wouldn’t. He was trying to let me know I was beginning to come to pick him late from school and that I should adjust. Throughout the hours I spent at work, those words kept ringing in my ears and it guided everything I did. I eventually went to pick him the normal time I was supposed to.
Just as this young boy did, most of us should be able to say what we want when it’s necessary for us to, without mincing words.

Also, treat everyone equally. Treat a porter the same way you would treat the president. Do not look down on anyone. I’ve seen situations where one of the security men of a multinational company recommended a smaller firm to lobby for a contract and that firm eventually won it. Anybody anywhere can be useful to you without you expecting it!

It is very important for us to study the particular person we find ourselves with before knowing the right approach to use in relating with them. First impression like they say lasts long therefore, let people remember you as a pleasant and matter of fact person who believes in respecting everyone not minding their status.

Living today like it’s your last can help you relate with everyone around you in the right way. Having a positive mind, knowing that anyone can be of help to you today, tomorrow or in the nearest future can also help you.

Have a plain mind with people, live freely, love equally, and put God first in everything you do.

Me love you all!!! *winks*

Bukola Oyetunji


Anonymous said...

We meet some frustrating pple everyday especially if u are in tha customa service dept. It takes d grace of God to handle dem. Most rich pple nid to read this article, it's a good one. *thumbsup*

Anonymous said...

hmmm really,in our society where we respect power,wealth n affluence, we need to knw its necessary to to treat pple with respect regardless of whom we are. about 15years ago,my jamb form was obtained for me by a gateman at jamb office ikoyi.... after all efforts were exhausted to get a late form from d jamb office, the gateman whom i had earlier greeted politely decided to take it upon himself to help me out as it was d last day before Jamb exams. pls pls pls lets try to be polite irrespective of d status of whom is at d recieving end.

Bukola Oyetunji said...

@Anon, Thanks for your contribution!

Bukola Oyetunji said...

Thank you for reading through!