Monday, 2 February 2015

Dear BOB Readers: I have a child for another man but my husband wants me back!

From a female BOB Reader:

I had been married to my husband for 6 years without a child. It was a very chaotic situation because his family wouldn't let me rest. I think the reason is because he already had two(2) children from another woman before he met me.

After waiting for 6 years, my very close friend advised me to try another man. I met a former schoolmate and we had a one night stand. Surprisingly, I got pregnant. I couldn't believe it! What I had been trying to get through my husband happened with a fling with a friend, just like that.

When I realized this, I quickly moved out of my matrimonial home and rented a two-room apartment. Now my son is 3 years old and my husband is seriously begging me to come back home. He has promised he would accept the child too.

The man I got pregnant for is not well to do as I still give him money to take care of himself. He has never for once spent a dime on our son since I gave birth to him. My husband on the other hand is a very wealthy man and has been waiting for me these past three years to come back home. He claims he still loves me and understands what happened was meant to be.

I am scared because I do not know if my husband's intentions are real towards me and the baby. My family thinks he may just be begging me to come back home so as to punish me for cheating on him. I don't know whether to continue being a single woman or not. I am still married to my husband and he has vowed never to divorce me no matter how hard I try to make him.

Please help me out here, I am at a crossroad.


Anonymous said...

madam, it is better you go back to your husband afterall you are not divorced. That is how your journey thru marriage is meant to be. Appreciate your husband and love him more.

Sherry Francis said...

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