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Photos from Singles Step Up with Bukola Oyetunji - 19-09-2015

My event; Singles Step Up with Bukola Oyetunji took place on 19th of September 2015. It is an event that was borne out of my passion to see single men and women have loving and peaceful relationship that eventually leads to marriage.

Before I go into brief details of the event, I want to use this medium to thank all those that supported this programme financially, morally, spiritually and in every way possible. It wouldn't have been a success without you all. May all your days be merry and bright.... love you all!
Singles Step Up with Bukola Oyetunji was an impactful event as young and mature singles were present. A lot was learnt and I am very sure, hopes were renewed.
The Master of Ceremony MC Martin gave the programme a lovely start by giving a brief introduction of what the event was all about..... We wouldn't have had a better MC.
A session that had to do with letting go of past hurts and disappointments which was handled by me, helped the mature singles (especially) to forgive those who have hurt them relationship-wise and prepared them for a better future. They were encouraged to forgive those that disappointed them because with forgiveness comes peace and personal happiness.
The female guest speaker; Dr. (Mrs.) Ronke Adesiyan - The visionary of Christian Girls Rock (CGR) and an anesthesiologist,  talked about " How to know if you are in the right relationship". She explained that being in a relationship alone does not guarantee an eventual marriage but knowing you are in the right one may give you that happy future you dream of. She emphasized the importance of love, parental consent, God's guidance/consent, having things in common amongst others.
Mr S.O.J. Aina talked about 'Letting go and letting God'. He stressed how important it was for singles to forget about all unrealistic standards they have of a future partner and how important it is for them to allow God give them the best.
Elder Ashogbon Joseph, the third Guest Speaker spoke about how to be an amazing single. He explained why Singles should work on themselves so as to be the right person for their Mr./Mrs. Right.
The guest speakers all made the day very wonderful!
Single Step Up with Bukola Oyetunji was really an eventful one and I am very positive all the singles present sure went home better people.
If you missed this maiden edition, not to worry, it is the first of very many more editions to come by God's grace.
Here are some of the pictures........

Bukola Oyetunji

Mr. S.O.J Aina with wife and Bukola Oyetunji

Some of the participants

MC Martin

Some of the Beautiful Single Ladies present with Bukola Oyetunji

Talk Show: How to handle the pressure of being single

Special Session on 'How to let go of your past hurts and disappointments'
Pastor Tosin Kojeku and Pastor Ewa

Bukola Oyetunji

Bukola Oyetunji

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