Saturday, 7 December 2013

50 year old woman gives birth to triplets after one of her ovaries was removed

Seeking the fruit of the womb is usually not an easy thing for most women. It gladdens my heart when i come across stories like this. I have decided to post this here because I believe it is really worth sharing. It may renew the hope of someone out there....
Speaking with Saturday Tribune, this 50-year-old woman (pictured above), Mrs. Biodun Ojudun who had waited agonisingly for a child for several years, recounted her ordeal before she finally conceived and gave birth to triplets.

“I am 50 years old and my husband is also 52. I had a surgical operation and one of my ovaries was removed and the doctors told me that I would only be able to conceive by a divine miracle. God intervened and I gave birth to a baby boy who later died. After going up and down for help, I was directed by a sister to Pastor Shodeinde who prayed for me, and gave me some bible passages to read and soon afterwards, I conceived and to the glory of God I gave birth to triplets, two boys and a girl. God surprised me because one of the babies looked exactly like the one that died.”

Corroborating her story, Pastor Shodeinde said that the Hand of Fire ministry is a healing ground for people with all forms of affliction.

“God has been faithful unto us in this ministry. There is nothing we call unto Him for that he does not answer. Sister Biodun is a living testimony. She came here looking for a child and in the end, God gave her three children. All we did was pray for her and also gave her some scriptures with which she used to pray and god opened her womb,” he narrated.

May God keep her children and answer the prayers of every other woman who prays to nurse her own child (Amen).

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