Saturday, 7 December 2013

Photo: Aspiring Actress Bose Akanmu's Sex Tape Goes Viral Days Before Her Wedding

Aspiring Actress Bose Akanmu got the shock of her life when the sex tape she had with her ex-boyfriend in 2007 went viral few days to her wedding.
According to sources, the ex-boyfriend personally sent the sex tape to Bose Akanmu's fiance.

I wonder how a man who's had a relationship with a woman can be as mean and wicked as that. Why post a tape that would most probably bring an end to the dream of a woman, to someone who's ready to give her the happiness she couldn't get from you?

This also is worth learning from... ladies should know that no matter how rosy or interesting  a relationship may be, the future may turn out to be awry, therefore, we need to be careful as to what we do with that lover or boyfriend cause it may end up taking away the joy of the future.

I learnt the wedding which was supposed to hold today has been postponed till next year.....

Aside: I'm sorry if you were hoping to download the sex tape from here, i'm not mean enough to put it on this blog.

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