Thursday, 13 February 2014

How prepared are you for tomorrow….. I see a lot of love in the air already!

Hi people, tomorrow is Val!!!!
I’ve gotten a lot of broadcasts about guys running off, phones getting switched off and a lot of excuses…lol
It’s really amazing how people bring out humour from every occassion in Naija. lol
But come to think of it, what would guys and ladies who have been double dating, tripple dating etc do tomorrow? Na real gbege o, seriously, i can’t stop laughing at the thought of it!
Would they divide themselves into two, three or four? #eyes rolling#
Well, it’s their cup of tea.

As for the serious minded people, hope you’ve gotten that special one an equally special gift? He/she deserves it for making you happy you know?

Whichever way you can, whether you are boxed up or not, catch some fun and revive your love!

Happy val in few hours darlings!

 #dancingskelewu# lol

Bukola Oyetunji

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