Saturday, 8 March 2014

BOB Exclusive: Fashion Items Every Classy Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe


For the ladies, making a fashion statement need not be a difficult feat to achieve. Being prepared at all times to switch from the "prim and proper" to "carefree and fun-loving" woman is just a step away.
With the 11 important items every woman must have in her wardrobe listed here, you're sure to have easy access to the look that best suits each ocassion -   paying attention to the style details......

1. The Pencil Skirt
pencil skirt
A pencil skirt is one of those things that makes you feel classy and sexy all at the same time. It’s a difficult combination to obtain, as sexy can sometimes walk a fine line of leaving little to the imagination. Choosing the right pencil skirt for you will no doubt be key. The length and fit are what’s important when pulling off this piece. Find one that just barely covers your knees and hugs you perfectly (overly tight is not good) around your waist, hips, and thighs. If you don’t normally wear tight clothing, this might be a little bit out of your comfort zone, so start with one in black as we all know this dark shade is slimming. It’s no doubt one of those basic fashion items you’ll need and love.

2. Comfortable and Stylish Flats
comfortable flats2
Flats are a great solution to everyday footwear because they give your feet a rest from being in high heels and they come in a whole range of styles and colors! They can be worn casually and even as office wears.

3. Skinny Leg Jean
skinny jean
As soon as skinny leg jeans erupted onto the scene a number of years ago now, they quickly became the go-to outfit of many fashionable ladies. Today, skinny leg jeans are still the jean of choice for models off-duty and celebrities, and it isn’t hard to see why! The slim cut of this jean is super flattering. It is a fashion must have for any classy lady

4. Patterned Cotton Scarf
cotton scarf2
Patterned cotton scarves are great because they can easily add color and style to an otherwise plain or monotone outfit.

5. The Little Black Dress (LDB)
little black dress
The little black dress is a must have for every lady. It can really be useful. It can go from corporate to casual depending on the ocassion and accesories paired with it. Every outgoing and trendy lady definitely needs this in her wardrobe!

6. Statement Heels
statement heel
Every woman should own at least one pair of statement heels! Anything that draws attention (in a good way) and features as the statement piece of your outfit is always a bonus. The more vibrant or unique the pair of heels, the better! *wink*

7. Basic Tee-Shirt (Black, Grey or White)
A lady needs to be comfortable once in a while. Slip on the Tees with a jean or shorts and just be as casual as you can be. That’s why this fashion item is very essential!

8. Dark or Neutral Coloured Jacket
This is a fashion must have because it will match with any outfit. It is a very important item that should be found in every lady’s wardrobe

9. Coloured Jean
coloured jean
This is a very trendy fashion piece right now. It makes a lady sexy instantly and it is better if paired with neutral colours.

10. Belts (in Leather, Patent And Print)
This is a fashion item that serves a lot of purposes. It can be added as an accessory to a dress to give it a better shape, can be used with skirts, jackets or trousers. It plays a major role in creating a perfect total for a lady.

11. Clutch Purse
Sometimes when you’re wearing a striking or patterned dress, it’s hard to decide which clutch bag will match. Metallic clutches in silver or gold have the ability of matching with almost any outfit, plus they add extra sparkle and glamour to your look!

Now, if you haven’t got these items in your wardrobe, you know what to do!
Ladies got to look classy and trendy always right? *winks*

Catch ya!
Bukola Oyetunji


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