Friday, 21 March 2014

PHOTOS: Dresses That Speak Volumes About You..... PART III

Today is the 3rd day I'll be writing about the dresses that speak volumes about you. Ladies have made me know how much they love the dresses I've put up for the last two days now and you know what? I equally adore those dresses.

In this concluding part, I've brought 4 different types of dresses for you to see and make your choice(s) from. So, let's get down to biz!

The peplum dress radiates sophistication. It takes fashion a step further because nothing cuts a ladylike figure quite like this item. From lace to lycra, peplum dresses tell the people around you how much of a sophisticated person you are. It may be paired with belt if it suits the cut to enhance the waist area. Coupled with the right accessories, the peplum dress is the bomb. 
It can be worn to the office, church, dinners, social events, speaking engagements and any other occasion you can think of.
Ladies, check out the peplum dresses below, which would you love to rock?

Oh my Oh my! I love pleated dresses. It's especially good for ladies with slim hips. It gives a flawless shape and makes up for the hips that are not really pronounced in you. When paired with good statement heels, the pleated dress tells people how much of a fashionista you are. It radiates class and makes other ladies envy your sense of style. From short to long length pleated dresses, this type of dress makes you stand out from the crowd. It can be worn to all types of occasions when it is well accessorised. I bet there's at least one pleated dress below you'd love to have in your wardrobe.... *wink*

Every working class woman needs the perfect dresses to rock during working hours.  You need to look Professional, Feminine and Chic with the perfect office dresses that best suits your body form. It tells how professional can meet trendy. Wearing these cute, beautiful dresses tells your client, colleagues and boss how well you add to the colour of your office. 
Checkout different types of office dresses that can give you an edge over your female colleagues below:

The last type of dress for the ‘Dresses That Speak Volumes About You” is The little white dress. Not all ladies can rock this. It takes boldness to wear it and wear it well. You need to accessories with colours that would pop out and make heads turn when you walk by. The little white dress tells everyone around you how you can pull off style flawlessly. You are an epitome of beauty with this dress. With the perfect cut for your shape, you radiate an aura that cannot be shoved by the side. It can be worn to evening parties, cocktail parties, social events etc.

Thanks all for staying tuned for these past three days. I bet you’ve gotten the needed inspiration to go step up your wardrobe.

Ladies, let your dressing be a definition of class at all times….*smiles*.
Catch ya, Love ya!

Bukola Oyetunji


Anonymous said...

This write up is all-together eye opening!

Stella said...

These dresses are very beautiful. Where can we get them?