Thursday, 20 March 2014

PHOTOS: Dresses That Speak Volumes About You...Part II

So ladies, I'm back with the 2nd part of the 'Dresses that speak volumes about you'.
Yesterday was about Floral Dresses and the Little Black dress (LBD). Those two types of dresses are to die for. Matilda, don't worry send me your addy, I'll have them all shipped to u *wink* lol.

Dresses have taken over the fashion industry now and every classy lady ought to have the ones that best suits her body shape in that 'gold-plated' wardrobe #grinning#

So, enough beating around the bush, let's get down to business.

After working for long hours, tending to kids, taking care of the house etc, a woman needs to have sometime with her man to unwind, you know? Let go of all the bottled up tension and just have a good evening treat. This is where a very good evening dress comes to play. Evening dresses are meant to be beautiful, well-cut and classy in all ways. With a well tailored evening dress,you are bound to turn heads at important events. A long dress offers elegance in any setting and a short dress brings an edge to evenings out with your man. An evening dress that is good for your body shape tells everyone around you that you are the classy and elegant chic they were privileged to meet. Have it in mind that choosing the best one for you is vital. Choose a dress material that makes you feel comfortable, so that you don’t feel irritated by the material and enjoy your night out fully..... pleaseee don't forget to accessorise stylishly.

Here are some evening dresses I feel are very good enough to add to your wardrobe:

The little red dress, Oh my God! I love red be truthful, I love red! It instantly makes a lady beautiful and gorgeous all at once! Whether casual or chic, you got no choice than to turn handsome heads in this dress. The little red dress tells people you are a bold fashionista, it demands attention, demand attention and is playfully sophisticated.
It is suitable for social events, red-carpets, parties and every other fun event you can think of.
Every woman deserves to be noticed. A red dress makes that a simple task. These little red dresses make the perfect complements to any event. A red dress offers striking style for any occasion.
Paired with neutral or metallic coloured accessories and the perfect make-up, you are a definition of class. Believe me, every guy in the room will wish you were their own. *wink*
You got a social event coming up soon? Try out the LRD!

Expect more lovely dresses tomorrow, that would guarantee you get the perfect look  you desire.
Catch ya soon!

Bukola Oyetunji


Chibogu said...

Nice collection. Don't have an evening dress oooo #coveringmyface#

I rarely get invited to dinner or buffet o.

Bukola if u have any social event that is in a dinner form, pls invite me n my hubby o! lollllzzzz

Bukola Oyetunji said...

lol@ Chibogu. Thx for reading through...#hugs#

Anonymous said...

These red dresses are breath-taking! I especially love d last one. It wld work for any occasion.

Amara said...

This collection of dresses show u got great taste Bukola!
I absolutely love the orange dinner wear and the 3rd LRD. They are all breath-taking.

Keep doing what you're doing girl, the sky is ur starting point...

Bukola Oyetunji said...

Thx Amara, pple like u keep me going. *kisses*