Tuesday, 29 April 2014

BOB READERS: I'm pregnant for my brother..... but I love him!

Dear BOB Readers,
I am a 28 year old woman who was brought up by my grandmother in Ondo. During my growing up years, my grandmother gave me all the teachings that made me know what is moral and right. This is what guarded me to say NO to sexual advances with guys until I met Kehinde 4 years back.

After going out for 2 years, I fell in love with him, we decided we would get married and I allowed him to have sex with me; my first time ever.

Surprisingly, Kehinde told him it was the normal practice in their family for the bride to be pregnant before the wedding day. I agreed to this, got pregnant and immediately I told him I lost my period, we set a date for the wedding proper.

All the while we've been dating, his father was in America so I never met him, though we spoke on the phone regularly. 2 months to the wedding, his father had to come back to Nigeria for a formal introduction of both families. It was during this introduction that my mother met his father and every secret they both kept between them came to open.

According to them, my mother met my father; Kehinde's father during her NYSC years, they had a relationship, she passed out of the camp, went back to Ondo (where her parents lived) and the following month, she realised she was pregnant. After this, all efforts to reach Kehinde's dad was futile. She later heard that he was already married even before they had their relationship together.
That was the end of the introduction ceremony.

I've been crying endlessly since that day. My pregnancy is now 4 months old and we are supposed to get married by the end of next month. Kehinde has told me to get rid of the pregnancy but how do I do that? Does it change the fact that I was disvirgined by my own brother? I'm so confused right now..... Should I keep the baby? What if I abort the baby and die in the process? I loved Kehinde with my whole heart, now I have to start all over again? I feel like our parents ruined our lives.........

Dear readers, any advice for me before I lose my mind would be highly appreciated!

Pregnant Sister


Anonymous said...

Dear pregnant sister, your case is a very unfortunate one, I feel so sorry 4 u. I hope u noe ths is incest? The best thing u can do is get rid of d preg and stat all ova again. It's beta dan complicating yur life wiv yur bros child.

Anonymous said...

Flush out the baby. 4 months is stil young abeg

Chibogu said...

That child hasn't done anything wrong, pls don't harm it!

Face ur situation head on, u'll get 2ru ds...

Good luck

modupe said...

Dear,dis situation is a very delicate one.I advise dat u prayerfully seek Gods face before taking any step.I trust God to hlp u out.it is well