Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BOB READERS: The man I love is about to get married to someone else!

From a female BOB reader:

Dear BOB readers, I've never been lucky with relationships until I met Ronald few years ago. I fell in love with him right from the first time I laid eyes on him, it was magical.

But to my surprise, one of my friends; Pamela, who lives around Ronald's parents brought bad news to me few weeks ago about him getting married to another woman. I couldn't believe this so I called Ronald to verify this.... he vehemently denied, and told me to be careful what kind of stories I listen to. I stopped talking to Pamela because I tthought she was very jealous of my relationship with Ronald.

My relationship continued until few days ago when Ronald took me out and while eating lunch confessed about getting married very soon. He told me the IV was out and he was no longer in love with me. He apologised for wasting my time and wished me well. I just sat down there in shock till he stood up and left me there alone, lost and hopeless.I don't understand why men can be as selfish as this?

I've found out everything I need to know about the wedding and the lady he plans to get married to, in a couple of weeks from now.
Right now, my mind is telling me to do some things to harm him for taking my life and feelings for granted. If I treat his fuck up, he deserves it right?
Readers what do you think? I decided to send my story to BOB because I know Bukola and her readers don't crucify unneccessarily (unlike some blogs), and they give good advice. Please I'm counting on you people to help me out oh! I really need to make Roanld pay for humiliating me this much!!!

Jilted and Angry


Bisi said...

Jilted and Angry sister,
If I were in ur shoes I would allow this man go as free as a bird. If he's ur man he wouldn't have done something as mean as that to u. Think of it this way, what if after marriage and about 2 or 3 children, he then decides you're no longer good enough for him , leaves with another woman without even telling you anything! won't u be left to take care of urself and the kids? think of how much the shame would be then?
Please, let the man go, he's not worth ur worries and hurt. Dear Sister, please dont think of hurting him in anyway o! It can hinder goodness from coming ur way..... Let him go!

Anonymous said...

my dear, move on!

modupe said...

Tnk God dat u guys r still courting.a broken courtship is betta dan a broken marriage.Roland is nt meant for u if nt tins would hv worked out.pls don't ever tink of hurting any one let God be d judge.

Anonymous said...

Vengeance is God's.
let go and move on

Peter said...

Ronald why now? If this woman now goes around harming men u all will say women are wicked. Pls just forgv d shameless guy and move on. Don't do juju or plan 2 disorganise his weddin pls. And d woman he wants to marry hasn't done anytn wrong too. Pls I'm begging u, leave him to his wahala. If truly u didn't do anythn wrong to him, he will com bak to beg u. I pray very soon u meet a beta man and settle down happily by God's grace. Sorry dear

Steve said...

The guy aint worth it! Forget bout him n move on wiv yur dear life. He did u a favour mehn!

Anonymous said...

I know how painful this can be. Somthin similar happened to me abut 5yrs ago but now I'm happily married to the best man in d world and we have a son already. Let go of him and all the hurt he caused u. Relax and soon u'll enjoy God's beta plan 4 u