Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tips on How To Survive Break-ups...

Break ups are definitely not easy to go through…. Everything about you tend to change and you feel like you are back to point zero!

The most painful thing however, is to realise that these break ups keep happening to you.
After every break-up, most individuals seemingly receive a similar dose of lethal anesthetic that immediately numbs their entire being, not only physically but also mentally. However, there are numerous things that need to be done in order to prevent something as uneventful as this, from ever happening again. Relax, have no fear. You’ll definitely be yourself in no time. You will once again talk, mingle and live your life exactly like what you used to be. The following are some tips on how to survive a break-up.

1. Pour out those negative feelings. I’m not really literally saying that you need to pour out gallons of tears from your eyes, but rather I just want to help you in channeling your negative feelings out of you. If you feel you’ll be better by letting out those tears, then go ahead…. Pour it all out!
*Fact* You may never ever forget about the pain. This type of pain isn’t something like the ones you get when you accidentally cut yourself with a knife after being a little bit shaky. At least, this cut will heal in days. But pains that originate from break-ups are really hard to heal. The least you can do is to lessen that aching pain. Moreover, the best thing that you can start doing is to learn the significance of the pain and move on. It will only be then when you can get stronger. Just remember that even if the pain is still there, at least the ache it generates will definitely stop in due time.

2. Get some help from your friends. They are actually the best persons that can support you in these dire times. Look for that friend that is really your friend – a friend that will never leave you. It would help more if you have a friend who had gone through a similar situation and survived. The most important thing is…..Never be alone, for no man is an island.

3. Write down your feelings on a piece of paper. Like writing a letter, you can write whatever hatred or feelings longing that you have left on that piece of paper then address it to your ex- I personally feel better when I put down my feelings on paper, it helps me a lot. The only trick however is that you MUST never send it to him or her for it will only defeat the purpose. This paper is your outlet. You will only bridge in hurtful connections if you immediately try to regain contact with him or her. Stay away from your ex! In this way you can survive a break-up and move on.

Survival tips for first time break ups
When you breakup with someone that you either love or once loved, it is always going to be a difficult and painful time.  Surviving a break up is something that virtually everyone has to go through at some point in their lives.  So, if this is your first time trying to cope with a break up, then here are some useful tips that will help you to move forward and end your heartache sooner rather than later.

When working at surviving a break up, don’t depend on your ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancĂ© or fiancĂ©e to help you get through the breakup.  That means that you will have to stop all contact with your ex and not rely on them for the late night chats or for help to move that huge piece of furniture from one side of the room to the next.  Whatever space your ex filled in your life, you’re going to
have to fill that space with someone or something else.

Surviving a break up means that you have to look forward and not constantly look back. Focus on the future!  Of course if your relationship was long-term and you were in love, then you are not going to simply get over the end of that relationship overnight cause it wouldn’t be that easy. It will take you time to come to terms with what has happened.  You will need to reflect and process the relationship. However, a huge mistake would be if you spent all your spare time thinking about nothing but ‘when you and your ex did this, or when you and your ex did that!’

Get ready to get out and meet some new people. Meeting new people can be a great relief.  It can help you to see that there is life out there, beyond your ex, and you can be a part of that life. So get out of your boring clothes and go and talk to some new people.

When you’re surviving a break up, it is very easy to find that you have not been looking after yourself physically.  It could be that you find that you’re eating nothing but junk food and you might even be drinking too much.  Remember, alcohol is a depressant and though it might make you feel much more able to cope with what you are going through in regard to your breakup, come the next morning it will only make you feel low and depressed.

I also want you to remember that some people have gone through situations like these but are right now living a happy life with someone who’s worth the pains they went through. To survive this, you need to be positive and concentrate on your personal happiness.

Instead, eat well and add some exercise to your life.  Take one day at a time and before you know it, you will have got through a month and then many months and you will have survived your break up! And most importantly, you’ll end up with someone better!!!

Wish you all the best!
Bukola Oyetunji


Fred said...

Hmmnnnn, really insightful.

Anonymous said...

My first love broke up from me 5yrs ago. Since then, I've not been able to love any other man. Ur article has made me think of trying again.

Tokiesha Diamond said...

Like I have always said, u'r a source of blessing 2 dis generation.U've in ways u can't imagine affected my life and marriage positively.Bukonla my padi of life 4rm d bottom of my heart I'm saying GOD BLESS YOU. Ur home would never lack flavour. I'm glad and proud 2 be associated with u. God is taking u somewhere dear. See u @ d topmost TOP ore me. Much love!
Tokie Diamond!!

Bukola Oyetunji said...

Thank u very much Diamond, Anon and Fred. Really appreciate you all for reading thru. @Diamond, the feeling is mutual #hugs#