Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Relationship Tip of The Day: A True Relationship is......

How many times have you told your fiancé/fiancée lies about you? Is there any secret you're keeping from him that may hinder the peace of your marriage if you eventually tie the knot?

Relationships are true only when you can tell each other anything and everything..... no secrets, no lies.

Let's try to work on this people, it'll go a long way in giving us the peacce and joy we desire for the rest of our lives.

Wish you luck in your relationships....

Bukola Oyetunji


Anonymous said...

What of small small lies one told in the beginning of a relationship when yu didn't even think it will lead to marriage?

modupe said...

BO really longing for d answer to dis question plssssssssssss

Bukola Oyetunji said...

I'm sorry Anonymous for not answering your question on time. Thank you Modupe for reminding

A lie is a lie no matter how small it is, you need to come out clean. The thing with small lies is that it births even bigger ones and once in a while it comes back to prick your conscience.

Now that you are in marriage with that person you told those 'small lies', let him/her know about every lie you told. NOte that you have to pray before doing this, ask God to give your partner the strength to forgive you.
After doing this, you'll be surprised how relieved and light-hearted you'd feel.

Wish you all the grace you need.