Monday, 20 October 2014

Your Appearance Matters in Your Relationship......

One of the first things that attract us to someone is what they look like. 

The person doesn’t necessarily have to be totally beautiful or handsome, but there does have to be something that catches our eye.  In addition, in the early days of a relationship, both people put their best into looking good.  You shower, shave, do your makeup, do your manicure and get your hair done.  You put on your most flattering outfit and happiest face.  You can’t do anything about what your genetics have given you, but you can (and you do) make your best effort.

Unfortunately, as the years pass, the effort to look good gets harder.  Normal ageing, effects of child birth, impact of stress and illness, all conspire against us.  But you can make the attempt to look your best at any age and it’s important to your relationship that you do.  Don’t make the mistake in thinking that it no longer matters.  If you’re honest, I’m sure there have been times you’ve had judgmental thoughts about how a stranger looks.  Maybe it’s been an outfit you find strange, a haircut, beard, their nail polish, whatever.  It influences how and what you think about them.  Your partner may be looking at you the same way.

Men are moved by what they see

Men, more so than women, are visual creatures.  But we all are influenced by what we think is attractive.  Even the most committed partner can appreciate an "attractive person”.  This is why it’s important for your partner to still find you physically attractive.  You don’t have to try too hard like you would for a first date, but remember it is very easy to get unworried and not make any effort at all.  Wearing old, unattractive clothes and not taking care of yourself physically may be comfortable, but it is disrespectful to your relationship.  It also may put it at risk.

Your partner is always responsible for their choices, so are you.  Don’t you want to do everything you can to make sure you chose each other?

It looks like a fact that men really do care more about physical things than the ladies. Men are more likely than women to say they'd like their spouse to pay more attention to their appearance and that ignoring it makes them feel less turned on.
So what's the point I’m trying to make? Don't let the comfort of a steady relationship distract you from taking care of yourself; pedicure, manicure and hair styling are not out of reach. And when it comes to time, spend more time focusing on your face than your body. After talking to several married people, a large number of them are extremely attracted to their spouse's face, while only few feel the same way for their spouse's body.
In a nutshell, look good for yourself and your partner, it shows how much you value your relationship and respect your partner.
Bukola Oyetunji

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Truth well said. Well done BO, you're always hitting the nail on the head!