Monday, 16 March 2015

Dear BOB Readers: My mother wants me to give her grandchildren but I'm not married!

Dear BOB Readers, I am a 34 year old single lady. I have a well-paying job and I am very comfortable financially. I have had past relationships that turned out to be disastrous so I decided to take things easy these last 2 years.

Sadly my mother is on my neck. I went to visit her first week in  January this year with loads of gifts but she refused to take any. She said the only thing she wants from me is a grandchild. I dont blame her because I am her only child and she is 70 years old because she got married late and even after marriage she had difficulty in getting pregnant until she had me.

I don't know who told her she would die soon o but she has been on my neck that she wants to see at least a grandchild before she dies. I think another reason is because my father died early 2013 at the age of 74 without seeing any grandchild.
What do you advise I do because I do not have any man in my life,  I do not even have any admirer. 
I am very confused now because I really want my mother to be happy.

Dear All, Please advise urgently!!!


Anonymous said...

Just take it easy, true love will find you soon. Have faith

Dammy said...

Beg your mom to take things easy with you. It would be difficult for you to just look for any random man to get you pregnant. Children are meant to have parents in love. Morova, you can try matchmaking facilities, we have them in Nigeria here too. I think Bukola Oyetunji does that too :)