Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Easter BOB Family..... Are You Enjoying The Grace Jesus Died To Give?

I have got a confession to make #grinning#

Well..... on a very serious note, anytime there's a special occasion like this, I appreciate it more than I did few months ago. I know I am alive because grace counted me worthy. God loved me enough to make me see another Easter not because I am faithful enough to deserve it, but because Christ's death for me is not in vain.

I remember how in several occasions I should have become history because of some sins I call normal but which the devil capitalized on. The only person that gave me another shot at life was Jesus Christ because He gave up his life as an atonement for my sins. Now don't you see how wonderful that is? This is indeed Grace. I am enjoying the GRACE of Jesus Christ which was brought about by His death. To cap it all, He rose on the third day and gave me life..... Halleluyah!

I decided to personalize all I've written right from the beginning of this post because in recent times, I have been overwhelmed by God's grace. Likewise most of my readers. You are alive, and fit as a fiddle because you are a partaker of the grace the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (the only son of God) brought unto you. Therefore, as a beneficiary of this grace, we should do everything bearing in mind that if Jesus had not laid His life for us, we would have become a sacrificial lamb by now.
*Singing* "Your grace, your grace, I'm nothing without you........"

I pray we will not fall from the grace for which Jesus gave His life so that we may have.

Happy Easter everyone.

Bukola Oyetunji.