Thursday, 17 March 2016

Stop paying attention to the wrong people

Hello dear BOB Readers, it's been a while. Hope everyone is doing great?

My tip for today is to let you know that one of the worst things you can do to yourself is to pay attention to the wrong people. I came across a post on Facebook today, it talked about living your life the way it gives you happiness, not minding what negative things people around you have to say..... it really got across to me.

Dear Readers, just like that post spoke directly to me, I want you to know that your life is yours... Don't let anyone dictate how you live it. So many people out there will spite and discourage every step you take all because they are scared of how well you can turn out.

Don't let anyone make you feel inferior to them because they say so. You are special, a rare kind and if you didn't know, God deposited greatness in you even before you were born. Search yourself, discover that talent/skill and put it to use.... I can assure you, you will excel at it.

Believe in Yourself, you will achieve the unimaginable!

Bukola Oyetunji.