Thursday, 16 November 2017

Relationship Masterclass - How to Resolve Marital Conflicts

Often times, couples go through conflicts over the same issue over and over again. Not because they want to, but because they don't know how to resolve it. Whether major or minor Marital Conflicts, you should not allow anything to steal away the joy in your marriage. You have a long time to spend together, so why not spend it in peace, love and happiness?
This is why it is important you attend my forthcoming Relationship Masterclass. Come learn how to resolve those conflicts that seem to be wearing you out. You will also learn how to prevent other breeding conflicts from happening.
The good thing about this masterclass is that it is virtual and can take place wherever you are.You learn, read and watch Coach Bukola Oyetunji (through videos and write-ups) lead and coach you through ways by which you can enjoy your marriage. After each part, there shall be question segment where she gives you direct coaching and solutions to your marital issues and conflicts. It will surely be value for your investment.

Please read a review from one of the participants of my last relationship below:

"Relationship Masterclass: Bring out the Best in Your Spouse in Our Spouses.
My best part of the whole session was Part 3 which was about being the best we can be, paying attention to little things our Spouses do and showing appreciation and of course having fun together. Above all I enjoyed the fact that it was very explanatory and participants could express themselves through their questions and clarifications. The videos were worth it, made it look like we were seeing Bukola Oyetunji face to face. I will love to be part of the next masterclass, because my relationship with my Spouse matters to me. I also used what I learnt in my coaching group". Dr. Wunmi Omololu - Sex Coach/Educator.

You can also experience this if you register now by paying an investment of N5,000 into the account number on the flyer before 9th of December, 2017..

Look forward to having you in class.

Bukola Oyetunji
Life Coach & Neuro Linguistics Programming Practitioner

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