Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Relationship Tip Of The Day

Good morning readers, hope you all had a peaceful night?

Today I wanna ask you how often you tell that special person in your life you love him/her?
Do you give compliments when they dress up in the morning and look their best?
When was the last time you took that beautiful woman in your life out on a date without the kids, friends or any member of your family?

Saying 'I love you'  countless times in a day can never be too much. He/she's got to know you do cos someone out there may be willing to say it and even show it just to have their way..........

Your relationship/marriage, no matter how long it's been for, should never be taken for granted... *wink*

Love you guys for visiting and dropping your comments  *kisses*

Have a fulfilling day,
Bukola Oyetunji

1 comment:

modupe said...

True talk!!! mostly we get carried away wth activities nd all esp our men