Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sign Up for Free Relationship Mentorship Program with Bukola Oyetunji

Birthdays are times for us to reflect on our lives, see how we are doing and know what we should do to become better. Every 28th day of May is my birthday; a day I celebrate with friends and family... I thank God I'll be celebrating a new age very soon... #superexcited
However, after thinking of how to celebrate my upcoming birthday for this year, I decided to come up with a mentorship program that allows single/married men and women sign up for free and give an avenue where we talk about your relationships (in confidentiality) and ensure you have a smooth one.
Our relationships play a major role in our life therefore, we deserve to put in all our efforts in order to have a loving and peaceful one.That is why I am willing to share my experiences with you so as to help you learn from my wonderful moments and mistakes and be the better fiance/fiancee or husband/wife you deserve to be.
I am very passionate about seeing relationships flourish so I want to be your friend who will humbly be with you through thick and thin. I am cofident there's still a lot to learn , so I can't wait to have you!
Kindly send your name, age and gender to to register.... let's get talking.
I assure you that God willing, your love life will henceforth be something to write home about!
Lots of love,
Bukola Oyetunji
P.S: Registration closes on 28th of May, 2016.

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